NVidia Quadro FX 3000 Giveaway

i am giving away an nvidia quadro fx 3000 256mb agp graphics card.
why? because it's a good workstation card (this card is not meant for gaming. thats what the geforce cards are for) that i have no need for!

-winner pays shipping
-no warranty. it works atm, i just made sure a few minutes ago!

how to enter:
1. specs of ur computer (the one this would go into)
2. why you want it/what u'd do with it
3. please visit my new website: http://appleopinions.weebly.com/

i will post pictures of the card later on today...

ok here are the pictures:

however, i will close this up early if i have no entries by next saturday...
entry deadline: may 29th, 2010
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  1. Nice website :lol:

    Anyways, good luck for the winners. Btw, you *should* be able to softmodd this in to a Geforce card considering you can softmodd a Geforce to a Quadro.
  2. anyone? a free graphics card? i would!
  3. ahem
  4. It would make a nice replacement for my old 4200TI, but then I might get the idea in my head that my old system should be upgraded.
  5. Lol go ahaed and eneter. It wont hurt anything :(
  6. Biggest issue is that it's a 7 year old FX5900/NV35 core, and even in a workstation is reaching for minimum requirement for apps.

    It would be like trying to giveaway a Geforce 7800 or X1800 nowadays, better than nothing, but perhaps not worth the shipping to most here.

    Likely better off giving it to a local school which would make better use of it than anyone just replacing an equally old gaming card.
  7. no offense, but.. this card is really old.
  8. shovenose said:
    Lol go ahaed and eneter. It wont hurt anything :(

    I would, but I don't really have a box to stick it in. My old box might even be suitable for it, but there'd be some guilt in taking out my 4200TI. The card seems to be a legend, and rightfully so. If anything, once I'm done building my new PC (in the next two days) I'll grab my old box out of storage and see what's what.
  9. i will close this post, then?
    yeah i know its crap wasnt i wasnt away of how crappy...
    heck seeing that my best gfx card is a geforce 6800 ultra 512mb pci-e, i obvioulsy dont have high standards. lol
  10. honestly the only reason i made this drwaring was cuz it would haeve the card not sit around anymore, and cuz it would be fun.
  11. no, no, keep this open, I respect what you are doing here, and i'm sure there is a poor lad somewhere in this world still on their integrated graphics, this would be just the blessing they needed.
  12. I agree. Don't close this thread prematurely. Give it some time to see if you can find someone who will actually make use of the card instead of just letting it collect dust.
  13. problem is its hard to keep it on the 1st page, and i doubt anyone looks at the older posts of the forum :( but ok ill leave it open for now!
  14. they sell for $70+ on ebay...
  15. update: entry requirements changed
  16. Someone will come! wait a little bit more!
  17. Hmm I do intentionally keep two agp rigs up and running but both are very very old.
    Lets say one is still running a voodoo 5500 agp for old glide games and the other serves as a back up box.
  18. BTW, is the card agp? coz if it is ....
  19. yep is agp...
  20. kiban said:
    BTW, is the card agp? coz if it is ....

    shovenose said:
    i am giving away an nvidia quadro fx 3000 256mb agp graphics card.

    Hope this answers your question. It's the first line of the thread ;)
  21. Sorry about that, I'm a little sleepy--, I'll ask a friend, some time ago he said that he could not find any cheap agp( he doesn't do internet for buying things so..) for an old computer, if he still want one I'll tell him to join here.
  22. anyone welcome
  23. :) bumpetty bump bump!
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