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Hi, I recently rebuilt my rig and just changed the case and mobo however since then my PSU has started making a clicking noise every second, but it only does this when the CPU is idle, when the CPU is under load, the PSU sounds fine, and its definatly the PSU making the noise. please help!
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  1. hmmm seems strange... it might be some voltage or rail problem. if u are sure its the psu (try it on another rig) then u better return it and get a replacement.
  2. I read your post - clicking noises are generally made by HDDs signaling impending failure. Before you proceed with debugging, make a copy of your HDDs, just to be on the safe side. Clone the HDDs if necessary.
  3. list the details of you setup psu, gfx card, cpu etc...
  4. coolermaster realpower m700, mobo asus p5q se plus, core 2 quad q6600, memory 2 x 1gb corsair xms2, and gtx 460 graphics card.
    Its definiatly the PSU as the noise is coming from there and not the hard drives as iv flipped in another 1 to make sure. What I find strange is why it does it when my computer is idling and with hardly any load maybe like 0-5% load on each core of the cpu but when its at load its fine.
  5. If I am not mistaken, the only moving part inside a PSU is the fan. It's possible that the fan is noisy at low RPMs. This fan can be replaced, but be careful!
  6. Mine clicks too. Green LED below the power socket flashes in time with clicks at about 2Hz. This is after being away for 5 days. HP T540. Do PSUs have a faulting lock-out? Temperature lock-out? Other? Thanks
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