What is the best 24" monitor for gaming?

I'm currently looking to upgrade to a 24" monitor.

What is currently the best 24" monitor available with a low ms response time?

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  1. The best 24" monitor is a 28" monitor.


    The colors are great, it has a 3ms response, you could find a tad bit better response time, and a little bit better colors maybe.... but it would be very very small in comparison to the extra 4 inches that you will notice. I got this monitor 2 years ago when it was almost $500. Love it.....

    I know its not a big name NEC, Samsung, or more rep man, but for the $$ you should at least consider it while you are looking.
  2. Samsung doesn't even compare with NEC, the two companies make different monitors.

    LCD monitors comes in two flavors.

    TN panel - A cheaper technology but has advantage with response time. 2ms is now typical and manufacturers are making 1ms panels. Also comes in 120hz flavor. Lacks color since TN panels can only display 256k colors and must use dithering or FRC to mimick colors it can't display.

    IPS or VA - More expensive panel technology but you get way better color as monitors using either technology would be able to naturally produce 16.7 million color. Can also produce way higher color accuracy and saturation. Way larger viewing angle, you won't see any color distortion around the edges of the monitor for screens below 30". Lacks response time, 5ms - 6ms is typical but thats still very good. Doesn't come in 120hz flavor so if you want 3D these screens are out of contention.

    It all comes down to picture quality or speed. I personally went for an LG IPS panel. A 24" IPS screen would be from either NEC or Dell both are good brands and sell pretty much the same thing.

    The only thing TN is good for is 120hz. You might want to get one of those since it would provide a bit smoother movement in first person games if your graphics card is up to it that is. All 120hz monitors are basically the same with minor differences. The viewsonic ones suck in terms of color, like TN panels weren't bad enough with color. Im not sure if they make 24" 120hz monitors, i think only 23" but those would be 1080P.
  3. Maybe this one:

    But it's just 23".

    How much do you want to spend?
  4. Once you go IPS you'll never want to return to TN. Of course IPS monitors come with a hefty premium in price. The Dell u2410 or HP LP2475w are both 24" IPS that support 1920x1200. They both use the same Samsung panel so it boils down to which you can get at a more affordable price and which OSD you prefer.
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