Have dual boot. but only boots off specific drive.

Hello. I have a seagate barracuda 500gb with vista on it and a WD caviar 350gb (or so) with xp on it. I work with computers for a living but this has me stumped. I have dual boot and it works fine. everytime i start it up it asks me vista or earlier version and both options work as thye should. However, i hadda unplug my xp drive because i needed to format a diff drive. I soon realized my computer gets hung up on veryfing dmi pool data when trying to boot off just my vista drive. SO, i put my xp drive back in. I went to hard drive boot priority and for some reason my computer only boots when my xp drive is first. any ideas or help?
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  1. There is a boot loader on one of your drives that gives you the option of which OS to boot from, it would be on the first drive that had an OS installed onto it in that system, the BIOS looks for that drive to tell it what its OS options are, if that drive isnt there it doesnt know that your 500GB drive has an OS on it.
  2. I agree with hunter315. If you want to remove the Windows XP drive then you have to boot from the Vista installation CD and do a repair of the boot sector.
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