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Hello, I'm considering a UPS Power supply and want an adequate amount to back up my 750 watt corsair supply. Do I need the equal wattage in the ups? If not then what needs to be considered when determining a ups for my needs. I don't really care much about battery life in the event of a power failure as much as I do WANT TO PROTECT MY PC FOR A GRACEFUL SHUT DOWN.

I'm asking because these UPS supplies are pretty expensive I want enough to protect and dont wanna waste money.

Thanks in advance.

AsRock x58 extreme
core i7 930
stock intel cooler
radeon HD 5850
corsair TX 750 ps
dominator tri channel 1600
wd 1 TB
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  1. You only need to match the UPS to your actual power draw - not the size of your PSU.
    Will you need to plug your monitor into the UPS? If so list the make/model.
  2. I have a samsung syncmaster 906 bw.
    thanks for your help
  3. I added about 45watts for the monitor and estimated your CPU pulling something close to a an average gaming load of ~300-350watts.

    For that load you should get along fine with a UPS similar to the APC BE750G 750 VA 450 Watts
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