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I currently have a Lenovo Thinkpad x120e. I bought this netbook because it's ultraportable, cheap, all those reasons why people prefer netbooks over full-size laptops. It's been working like a dream since I upgraded to 4gb of RAM, but now I've noticed that it's waking up from hibernate slowly. Like, 100% CPU utilization for a few minutes after waking up. I've disabled most of my unnecessary startup processes with little impact. I did also note that HD Tune Pro shows average read speeds about 20mb/s slower than any of my desktop drives which I assume is normal. So here's my question:

In my desktop I have a Seagate Momentus XT 500gb used as a secondary drive. Would it be more worth it to take that drive out and put it in my netbook and get a standard HDD for my desktop, or just spring the extra $100 and get a 240gb SSD? Bear in mind I'm a broke college student, but this is an upgrade that needs to be done.

Granted, I know a netbook will be, on average, slower than a full-size, but I'd like to speed it up a little bit, especially if I'm just whipping it out to take notes in class.
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  1. What do you put on a netbook that would take up so much space :/ a ton of videos?

    I would personally would get a 120 GB SSD for the netbook...

    And don't forget to take the SSD out and put it in a desktop when you can afford one lol.
  2. I actually have my full music library on my netbook which is around 45gb... I'm thinking of taking it off though. Yeah, I probably will, in which case a 120gb SSD would do me just fine.

    As for my desktop, it already has a Crucial M4 in there.

    So you're saying it would be more cost-efficient to get something like (and these are just examples, my decision is not made yet) this:
    and put that in my netbook, rather than swapping out my Momentus XT from my desktop and replacing it with something like this:

    Am I understanding that correctly?
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