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SLI GTS 250 vs a new video card

Hello I currently have a GTS 250 and a core 2 quad q6700 and was wondering if i should just sli the 250 or get a new video card. I have an XFX 790i ultra sli motherboard. I was just hoping for other people's opinion's on this. I have a 700 watt sli ready psu. I have a budget of USD $250. I'm good with either ATI or NVidia and expecting to upgrade or add a second GTS 250 within the next 6 months.
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    most likely at that budget you'd be better off getting another 250gts to add to yours. to better better raw performance then wx 250gts' you'd need a least a 5850 or higher, which start right around $300, dx 11 is only appearing in a few titles and out of those only a one is usually any real dx 11 feature and that's arguable metro 2033.

    So again i would say just add another in sli or wait a bit for a bit more money, to get at least a 5850
  2. Alright thanks that's what i was thinking but wasn't completely sure. Sorry to add on to this but does anyone know of any good gpu's coming out in the next year that will be under $300?
  3. if you mean 2011 the 6xxx series and fermi 2 will probably be out sometime, it's it's really just speculation at this point, no one has any real idea what either will be like, performance or price time
  4. 2 250's is a great setup
    wish I had it
  5. Just thought of something else. Selling the 250 and buy a new one. That would give me somewhere about $325 then but I still like the idea of SLI better, plus IMO SLI 250's would have better bragging rights then a 5850 :P
  6. Alright just realized something. My psu isn't sli certified but it does have enough 6 pin pcie connectors. You know if I could use it to SLI? or do i have to get a new one?

    Here's my psu...

    People say it doesn't last long either so might get a new one because of that too. I know this thread's a bit off topic now.
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