Enstallng 2 hard drives for an ASUS mother board

Hello, Trying to get a reading of both my Hard drives. i have two hard drives 2 tera
bytes each. One hard drive is currently running windows XP Professional and the other hard drive is not giving me any reading. I am trying to install windows 7 ultimate on my second 2 terabyte hard drives, so i can run both oppressing systems on separate hard drives. also would it make a difference difference if im installing a 32 opperating system of XP on one hard drive and a 64 operating system of windows 7 ultimate on the second hard drive?
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  1. If both HD's are installed, you will wind up installing "most" of the OS on the 2nd driver but the boot files will still reside on the primary drive.

    To truly have separate OS's on separate drives, you'll need to disconnect the 1st drive while you install to the 2nd. Switching between drives / OS's is then done via boot priority in the BIOS.
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