240Gt ddr3 Vs hd4670 ddr4

Hello Every Body....

I want to Ask What is the best card
*240gt ddr3
*hd4670 ddr4
and Why? :sarcastic:
I want to play The best games with good resolution and HIGH Quality ... Thanks alot.... :hello:
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  1. If you want to play the best games at high resolution with high quality, you're going to need more than that... Say, a 4850 for starters, but more likely a 5770 or even a 5850.
  2. Those are entry level cards... GT 240 should be slightly better

    What's your budget and monitor's native resolution?
    Which PSU do you have?
  3. i have Hec 350w....and i play with resolution 1024*1280
  4. For that resolution those cards will be fine.
    Go for GT240 but for a little more you can get a more powerful HD5670

  5. IS 240gt ddr3 better than 4670 ddr4???? or no?
  6. Yes it is slightly better...

  7. ok,... thx my friends... i will buy 240 gt ddr3..because it is better than 4670 ddr4
  8. 240gt ddr3 is slightly better than 4670 ddr4 in power ,speed and Superiority in the games and 3d mark (without taking into account the physx , coda and nvida 3d ) but with taking into account them..240gt ddr3 will be much better than 4670 ddr4
  9. what about buying it?
  10. Go for it!
  11. Can any one give me tests for 240gt ddr3 when it superior on hd4670?
  12. this card Gainward GeForce GT 240 ddr3 or ddr5??????
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