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Hello. I have a seagate barracuda 500gb with vista on it and a WD caviar 350gb (or so) with xp on it. I work with computers for a living but this has me stumped. I have dual boot and it works fine. everytime i start it up it asks me vista or earlier version and both options work as thye should. However, i hadda unplug my xp drive because i needed to format a diff drive. I soon realized my computer gets hung up on veryfing dmi pool data when trying to boot off just my vista drive. SO, i put my xp drive back in. I went to hard drive boot priority and for some reason my computer only boots when my xp drive is first. any ideas or help?
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  1. Hello BScott1122;
    Checkout EasyBCD, a bootloader utiility program and see if it can help you sort things out.

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