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Hello, I'm considering a UPS Power supply and want an adequate amount to back up my 750 watt corsair supply. Do I need the equal wattage in the ups? If not then what needs to be considered when determining a ups for my needs. I don't really care much about battery life in the event of a power failure as much as I do WANT TO PROTECT MY PC FOR A GRACEFUL SHUT DOWN.

I'm asking because these UPS supplies are pretty expensive I want enough to protect and dont wanna waste money.

I just finished the Toms Hardware $1500.00, March 2010 build. Its my first build and it has gone great so far not a problem anywhere.

My advise to anyone not sure of themselves on the first build. Do what I did take a build receipe that fits your needs and pocketbook and go for it.

I figured rather than take the chance of hooking together components that might conflict go with a tested and well rated build.

Thanks Tom's Hardware u guys are great.

Thanks in advance.

AsRock x58 extreme
core i7 930
stock intel cooler
radeon HD 5850
corsair TX 750 ps
dominator tri channel 1600
wd 1 TB
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  1. I've always went with the cheaper model in APC's sortiment. No, you dont need the same wattage.
  2. If you want safety for your computer equipment when there is a power outage, you also need to power the monitor for a safe shutdown. The shutdown can be programmed to be automatic, but you certainly need some form of manual shutdown capability too.

    Therefore, consider the computer, the monitor, and maybe a small low wattage lamp when you size a UPS.

    In most cases, no one maxes out the PSU; therefore matching the PSU output may be overkill. However, you must provide for about 80% of your PSU capacity which is around 600 Watts. To this, add the monitor consumption (100 Watts?), and a lamp (23 Watts), for a total of 723 Watts UPS

    Here is what I suggest. This will meet your needs adequately:
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