Worth the upgrade or not?

I'm currently using a Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 at stock speed. I'm a gamer and I'm wondering whether it will be an improvement for gaming to upgrade to an I7-930 CPU or whether I should hold off and wait on Intel's new chipset Sandy Bridge and their new socket LGA 1155 is what I hear it's going to be.

I also plan on SLIing 2 EVGA Geforce GTX460 1GB EE in the future with this set up/upgrade and eventually upgrading my HAF 932 case to the HAF-X for the future proofing with the USB 3.0 on there.

Thank you for any advice/opinions you all may give.
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  1. Your current CPU is plenty powerful for gaming, imo. I'd just wait awhile still. I'm still using my old e6750 Conroe :)
  2. Have you thought about overclocking your E8500?
    Unless you've picked up a game that you're unhappy with it's performance and that is really CPU limited and likes to run on quad core CPUs I think you can hang on a bit longer. At least till you see the SandyBridge performance charts (and when the 1366/1156 parts should be ready to drop in price).
    THG: Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart They're recommending upgrade only if you move up 3 tiers in that chart. A move to the i7-920 is only a two tier move from your E8500.
  3. Well I just got a beta key for Final Fantasy 14 and the performance for that thing is pretty low FPS wise for me :\. I'm currently using my old GPU a EVGA Geforce GTX 280 that I had to RMA cause of a PSOD so bought a 460 so I wouldn't have any downtime. But anyways going back to the topic at hand with the CPU I'm getting like 15-30FPS in the beta right now and know my GPU is pretty high end. So wasn't sure if my CPU was a bottleneck let alone if the game is running on multiple cores or not but I'm assuming it is. And I have tried overclocking it by just changing the multiplier and the clock speeds on it so it'd be at 4gz and ran some stability tests and it ran fine but sometimes my PC wouldn't turn on right and I'd have to reboot it which would reset the clock speed on it despite the bios saying it was where I left it. So I just pushed it back to the default clock speed. Also the resolution the game is running is on their low res setting of 1280x720.

    That's my situation at the moment so I guess I should hold off?

    Thank for the advice :)
  4. It's not just your E8500. What score are you getting in the in-game benchmark?
    FF XIV is kicking all PC hardware, even the quad cores, in the teeth kind of like Crysis did when it first came out. (3.2Ghz i5 655 dual core)

    OC'd E8500 4Ghz and GTX 260 on High settings

    OC'd Core i7 930 and GTX 480 on High settings
  5. wow...well then I think I got the same score as the E8500 there on high settings..1280x720 I got like 3200ish. But I heard the benchmark was unreliable from a friend who is like a FF fanatic lol. But ya I really only thought the new CPU would help because I saw some higher scores from I7s on there with Nvidia 400s and ATI 5800s. Don't know how they got it that high but they did lol.
  6. Had to have been through the overclocking.
  7. That CPU chart doesn't tell the whole story. They probably assume you are using the latest motherboard chipsets available now. You are likely using a P35 motherboard with DDR2 RAM and a PCI Express 1.0 x16 slot.

    So, an upgrade to a i7 930 and an X58 motherboard would be a bigger change for you than if you were using a P45 motherboard with the E8500.
  8. I have no idea what version of mobo I'm using. I know its an EVGA 790i FTW at least as far I recollect off the top of my head. and I have DDR3 2000 RAM. When I built my system(first build btw) I only skimped on the CPU at the time which was when Quad Cores first came out or were popular so like a year or so before the I7s.
  9. Well, you can SLI the GTX 460's and plop a Q9550 in that mobo now, right? For games that benefit from a quad core CPU, the Q9550 is close to the i7 930 in performance. You can see this in THG's CPU charts.
  10. Ya I could do that...I'd be spending the same amount of money for a similar CPU and less since I wouldn't need to buy a new mobo and more ram. But my main reason for chosing the i7 over the Core 2 Quad was the hope of future proofing my system a little bit more and maybe doing something similar with the x58 mobo chipset. But I mean I'm not sure if the new Sandy Bridge Intel CPUs are really LGA 1155 sockets and a new mobo x68 I think is what I read will be the new standard. Just would be nice if Intel didn't have so many different sockets over such a short span of years. I mean if THG as WR2 stated recommends going 3 tiers I may wait a bit and see where the Sandy Bridge lands on that chart. Not to mention price points since I read they are cashing in on enthusiasts with the new K series line up they have been releasing with the Nehalem set now. Since they will be making their mainstream processors non-overclockable and if you do fries some other parts of your system...which is where they cash in with the K series for those of us who want to or may want to in the future to overclock the CPUs. So hopefully they are smart about it and don't go to crazy with the pricing unless the mainstream even at stock speeds outperform Nehalem greatly even if overclocked. Like a 2.5ghz Sandy being on par with a I7 today at 3ghz+.

    I may just see what happens with FF14 when it gets released and go from there. Maybe in the actual game I can get more video options to adjust then in the beta.

    Thank you all for the advice though. I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Kind of a random question, but have any of you that have registered on here get a delay on their confirmation e-mail for their accounts? Mine has not come in here yet since I registered last night since I live on the East Coast. And I don't see anywhere where I can resend a confirmation e-mail.
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