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Samsung 830 vs Mushkin Chronos Deluxe

Currently I have a Crucial M4 256GB, but with SSD prices going down I've been considering buying something faster and putting the Crucial M4 in my laptop. The two I'm looking at are the Samsung 830 256GB and the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB. The Samsung 830 goes for $240 - $250 while the Mushkin is on sale for $175 with a $20 MIR (Canadian prices). I know the Samsung 830 is a more reliable drive, but would I be better off getting the Mushkin at that price? Is there a noticable speed difference between the two?
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    probably not very much NOTICEABLE real life difference in performance.
    Benchmarks may show some diffs, but often these diffs do not really transform to NOTICEABLE diff in real life day-to-day usage. Infact I see litle diff between by 256 gig M4 (in laptop, I5-2410M) and My 256 gig 830 in desktop (i5-2500k).

    Not sure on reliability/usere satisfation between the two. Performance diff surely not worth 65 Bucks. I was Lucky, bought both My 256 m4 and My 256 gig 830 for $180 (USD, newegg).

    FWIT, Benchmarks
    Note above is latest, it's for vertex 4, BUT includes the 830 for comparision sake.
  2. You said it yourself, the 830 is more reliable. That's what I would go with anyway
  3. EzioAs said:
    You said it yourself, the 830 is more reliable. That's what I would go with anyway

    the question is, is it 40$ more reliable. which is the overall question OP is trying to give.
  4. I agree with RetiredChief
    If it does not work right, then you paid too much for it.
    Intel and samsung have the means to properly validate a ssd since they make their own nand chips.
    I would go with an Intel 520 or samsung 830 ssd.

    You will be disappointed if you expect to notice any big difference in real world operations among any modern ssd.
    One factor which really can make a big difference is how full the ssd is. As it gets filled up and reaches 80%? capacity, it takes longer to find free blocks. You might want to consider just adding a second ssd, or a 500gb unit instead.
  5. samsung 830 ssd.
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