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I've been thinking to upgrade the psu of my dell inspiron 530 to upgrade the video card i currently have. I ve been doing research and I get different answers from different places on the internet concerning the compability of my dell system with normal ATX psu out there in the market. Can anyone give me a definite answer to my doubts?

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  1. whats the max power of your current PSU? if you GPU requires more power then i would suggest upgrading your PSU.
  2. I believe the stock psu is 300W , and yes I m thinking of upgrading my PSU. My question is whether or not I can just buy a standard ATX PSU because of compatibility issues with dell systems I read about on the internet
  3. if your case is a standard atx, keyword being STANDARD, i dont see it being a problem

    a tutorial on replacing a PSU;posts
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