WD caviar Black disappearing randomly

Sometimes my harddrive disappear from my computer and I have to restart the computer 1 or 2 times before they will show back up. Anybody know what could be the issue?
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    It may be the drive going faulty (back up your data NOW) or it could be the SATA interface on your motherboard going U/S. Try connecting the drive to another SATA port. Download and run the manufacturer of your hard drive diagnostic software from their web site.
  2. Could the harddrive be turning itself off? I usually don't turn my computer off, and I just realized that I have to shutdown vs restart to get the drive to show up again.
  3. I think I've had a similar problem before. The way I fixed it was to disconnect the drive and try a new cable, and I think that worked. Make sure the power is in correctly also.
  4. Thanks, I will try what you guys suggest
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