How to recover data from SMART BAD hard disk

I have a one terabyte Segate SAATA hard disk. It suddenly seems to have crashed. It is showing S.M.A.R.T BAD. How do I recover the date from this disk which is not booting at all.
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  1. Hi, from the information u give i really can't decide what the problem is with the disk. But if you want to recover the data, i think u may have a look at this data recovery software:

    It is an expert in data recovery and the operation is also quite simple. After installation the software will scan the disk to find the lost data. But if ur files u have to retrieve is large, the recovery will need a long time so plz be patient.
    If u are not sure about the manual, visit here: http://freeware-recovery.blogspot. [...] overy.html u may find some useful information.

    BTW, in case the software above dose not work, have a look at this: it is also a data recovery software.
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