Hd 5770 Vapor-x = "Resolution" vs "AA"

I want to ask, if i buy hd 5770 what are the important thing that gamer take care the Higher resolution or AA..?

What a different between play a game with low resolution and play game without AA...?

Can we enjoy play game without AA for Example like Crysis game....?
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  1. you should of course enjoy a game mostly based on gameplay no visuals anyways. but if your asking which is more important, then that would go to resolution in my opinion, it's more important to use your screens native resolution without AA vs. lower resolution with AA

    I personally find that it looks weirds at least then native resolution since your card or monitor has to upscale the image, which somewhat blurr image,

    One last thing you should probably never base those kinds of decision on one game, it's become the bastard child of high end computer gaming, i feel like no one really plays it besides the visuals. it's a fun game don't get me wrong but it's not anything to base a hardware decision on
  2. Yeah, assuming you have an LCD you will definitely want to use your native resolution. AA can help a lot at lower resolutions but in general at high ones it isn't too big of a deal(though still nice if your card can handle it.)
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