Day Trading Computer Build - First Timer - Review My Build Please!

Hey gang -

So I am in the process of building a Daytrading Computer that will support 4 monitors at 1920 x1200 resolution. I never game on the computer so don't need anything too fancy for that. I will be running a couple of live 'livestream' feeds through Firefox, a couple charting programs with probably 20-25 charts up total on 3 of the monitors which all have live feeds obviously throughout the trading day. So I probably should have came here first before placing my initials orders but I went ahead and have started ordering the following parts for this build -

PSU - OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP -

Optical - Lite-ON DVD Burner

Memory - CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 -

Case - Cooler Master 692 Adv. -


CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz-

Vid Card - SAPPHIRE 100284L Radeon HD 5750 -

HDD - ???? 1 TB - hoping for a deal to pop up real soon.

OS - Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit - will be $25 since I get the 'Student' rate :) Ordering this weekend.

Wireless adapter - can someone reccomend a good one? For the time being where this computer will be going can only access the internet via wireless and that scares me a bit due to needing a stable connection while I am trading! Please let me know what would be a good card for this build.

Multicard Reader - Can you reccomend one for me? Alot of mixed reviews on them.

???? - what am I forgetting to buy??

Now, I know I will need another video card but 2 monitor setup will be OK for now until I find a deal on a 2nd card. Also - would you advise me to get another 4GB of ram so I would have 8 GB total or will 4GB be good for now? I plan to ventually add another 4 GB of ram at a later time. I already have a keyboard/mouse laying around.

Everything I have linked to Newegg I have just purchased today so no turning back. Does this build look adequate for what I am trying to use it for? I also used the Neweggs combo deals for some nice reduction is some of the prices. Right now I am $590 after all applicable rebates and including the OS. I could afford to purchase a 2nd vid card as well as another set of RAM if you think I should do so to get it done with? Would a 2nd HDD be wise for backups?
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  1. So I just saw this link in another thread - - and did my maxed out version of what my system could end up being someday and it recommended 607W PSU - I ordered a 600W PSU - how accurate is that website and will my 600W PSU be ok running my system or will I need to eventually upgrade to the likes of a 750W? Thanks again for any help and replies!
  2. ^ Well you could have tried this single card...
    POWERCOLOR AX5770 1GBD5-5D Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    And as for the HDD,
    Samsung F3 1TB - ~$70

    As for the PSU, 600W would easily suffice for such a setup...And also that OCZ is a good PSU...So you should be fine...

    Also more RAM would be nice as you open so many windows and browsers...
  3. Ty gkay09 for the reply.

    Interesting card - I never knew about that card. I will probably end up getting that HDD, I see that one recommended alot in other threads around here.

    I think another 4GB of memory just might be icing on this cake along with a 2nd GPU. :bounce:
  4. ^ Well why not return the card that you have ordered and get that card ?? Less hardware, less power, less heat...But its your call though...
  5. I figure if I got another 5750, I could possibly run 6 monitors? or couldn't I do that? not sure.

    Also it would be basically a wash in the price difference.
  6. ^ Well if you have plans for 6 monitors, then its fine...
  7. Someday I am sure I will run 6.

    Anyone else have any comments on what I could/should do differently?

    I ordered the F3 1tb drive last night as well.
  8. anyone else have comments/suggestions on this build? Help a newbie out!
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