Time to upgrade CPU

I need to upgrade my CPU .. I am working on a new build and i cant decide which processor to go with .. Ive always used Intel. But I am a PC gamer, so I heard the AMD are better .. I noticed the AMD below has a faster L2 cache (512 vs 256 that Inel has) but has a slower L3 cache (6mb on AMD vs 8mb i7) ... Will I notice that much difference on the cache?

Here are my 2 options

AMD ($165):

Intel core i7 ($199):
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  1. Check how much a full system for each would cost you, a system based around a 965 will likely cost you less but a system based around an i7 930 will perform slightly better and gives you SLI options down the line.
  2. AMD processors are better ONLY for budget (low cost) builds right now.
    AMD use to have more powerful CPU's before Intel came out with their Core 2 Duo design CPU's in 2006.Ever since AMD has been in second place in terms of performance.
    The higher end Intel CPU's are better for more powerful gaming systems.
    If you can get a CPU in store at Microcenter don't over look this CPU (Core i5-760)for PC Gaming as it would make a great powerful choice (lower cost LGA 1156 based motherboard than a LGA 1366 based one for the i7 -930) and is more powerful (as a gaming CPU) than the AMD CPU's (like the Phenom II X4 965 BE).

    Also see here- Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: August 2010
    For strictly gaming the i5-760 is perhaps the best balance of performance vs cost.
    On a cost per performance basis the Phenom II X4 965 has a lower cost and cheaper motherboards are available however on performance vs cost the i5-760 would be about the same with the i5-760 being more powerful.
    The i7-930 is a great choice if you have other heavy needs like hard core video encoding but for gaming the i5-760 can do you no wrong.
  3. Is it true that AMD runs ATI better and that Intel runs SLI better?

    I'm going with a SLI setup eventually
  4. Not sure antman .. I do know AMD supports ATI

    @jj463rd .. Is Hyperthreading really needed? I noticed the core i5 doesnt have HPT ... Just curious on thoughts
  5. jscotty29 I've heard that the only game (or simulation) so far that uses hyperthreading is Microsoft Flight Simulator X.In that case a Core i7-930 would be better for that particular simulation.But since you can get the i7-930 at such a low price it would also be a choice (although LGA 1366 motherboards are a bit expensive).
  6. jj463rd Yeah i can grab a i7 930 for $199 at a local retailer.. Which is much cheaper than newegg, etc by about $80

    But then again noting really uses HTT and Intel suggests turning it off when not in use... So I would actually be benefiting from the i5 760 buy price range and saving about $80 - $100 depending on motherboard ... That savings could go into some DDR3 RAM

    Geez .. So much research to do and so little time, lol .. I need to purchase tomorrow
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