Screen Flickering and Black Screening

Was wondering if anyone could help me out was having a problem with screen flickering, waviness, tearing, black screening aswell. (Playing wow at ultra settings with multisampling at 8x)

Monitor is a HP2009m (16x9) res.

Card is a Toxic HD 5870 2GB

Windows Home Premium i7 930

Default settings for card is (GPU clock is 925MHz) (Mem clock 1225MHz) (Fan speed is 75%)

Card never gets hotter than 52c

All drivers are updated have the 10.4 Catalyst
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  1. Well, do similar things happen in other games? If not, I'd try using an older driver, Catalyst 10.1 or 10.3. If it does, then I wouldn't really know sorry.
  2. only other game ive played, well tested it on, was dirt 2 and it does the same on that one but not as bad, ill have to try to an older catalyst
  3. What is your PSU? brand? model?

    Yes, try it with the older drivers, the latest one is not always the best. :)
  4. gpu temps get no higher than 52c, my i7 if your also wondering doest get higher than 45c

    i have a ultra x4 750w atx power supply (had a xenon 1000watt but the power supply was falty so just got this one for ease)
  5. Quote:
    What do you expect when you keep buying cheapo power supplies? Ultra and Xenon are two of the worst psu's on the planet.

    The power supply is the most important part of the system. Yet you trust your components to junk.

    The worst power supply in the planet is running the computer fine now with an uninstall and reinstall of catalyst 10.4 :kaola:
  6. Agree with zipzoom, PSU is the most important thing in your computer...
    You can bought $400 vga but don't want spend another $60 for high quality PSU?
    We don't want you regretting later... :)
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