2x2 is 50 mm...correct?....need quietest fan

i have an unmarked fan and measured it as 2 inches x 2 inches. By my math that's 50 mm but when i go to find a vantec on newegg or amazon, one doesnt exist. This must be exact due to my application

there's an evercool rated <23db but since i always used vantec, feel somewhat lost lol. I need the quietest, not necessarily the one that pumps out the most air.

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  1. I think a 50mm fan cannot move a lot of air,You have to look at 120mm fans ,Wats your current specs?and which is your case,Some cases will not support 120mm fans ,We need more info on your pc! :D
  2. it's for a tivo
  3. That's a very small size and you may not find it listed as a case cooing fan. However, you might find that size sold to be a CPU cooling fan that fastens onto a heatsink. The trouble is, those fans often are not sold as "2-inch fan", so it can be hard to identify the right one. You might have better luck taking the old one to a computer parts shop and matching it up.
  4. You can also find some 50mm cooling fans at audio/video/home theater sites on line.
  5. ok thanks for the suggestions, i did see the newegg one but one reviewer said he put it in his tivo and it was so loud. I guess i just have to pick the lowest DB and take a chance.
  6. A 50mm fan that moves a lot of air is going to be loud. It has to spin really fast to move large volumes of air, and the faster your fan spins the louder it gets.
  7. i'm tempted to drill a hole in the side wall and just put a bigger one in lol..if it would be quieter..but there's really no room inside the unit. it's a 24/7 operation and never will get any rest

    stock pictures of the tivo here


    however i have a 2nd bracket and hard drive like this


    and that’s the fan I need to replace. It’s 20 bucks if i get it thru the people I got it from and as you know that’s a tad too much for the noise it made.
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