Budget Gaming Computer Build (first ever build)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Gonna probably get the MoBo and CPU this week, but will have to hold off for a little bit on the other stuff. Should be able to get it all by the beginning of August.

BUDGET RANGE: 300-500 if possible

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Surfing the Net, Recording (guitar), Photo Editing and Video Editing (and viewing), Word Processing.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Speakers, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I hear good things about ASUS MoBos so I would really like to stick to that, and also I am a fan of AMD more than Intel mostly cause of cost I guess which is funny cause I am more of a Nvidia fan too.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: Not too sure about what I will run it in, but I have a 32 inch Westinghouse LCD TV that will be used as a monitor.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I just would like to get some opinions on the parts and how well everyone thinks it will turn out. I am pretty sure all the parts I selected are compatible, but I dunno how good they would be exactly for gaming and maybe if I wanted to overclock later. I also am trying to decide on a CPU cooler and I am hoping I get get some opinions from you guys on that. I have already narrowed it down pretty much between two for their low price, but I don't want to give up performance for low cost. I don't really mind how loud the fans are. I just am looking to build a computer that would be a good starter and easy to upgrade for gaming in the near future.


NZXT M59-001BK M59 Gaming Mid Tower Case - ATX, mATX, Baby AT, Black

ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard & AMD ADX635WFK42GI Athlon II X4 635 Quad Core Processor Bundle

Patriot PGS24G6400ELK Gamer Series 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 Desktop Memory Upgrade - 800MHz, 2x2048MB, 5-5-5-12

Seagate ST3250318AS Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 250GB, 7200, 8MB, SATA-300

Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan, Lifetime Warranty

HP HPDVD1260I Multiformat DVD Writer - DVD+R 24X, DVD-R 24X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD-RAM 12X, SATA (OEM)

EVGA GeForce GTS 250 Video Card - 1024MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, (2) Dual Link DVI, SLI Ready

Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP Case Fan - 120mm, Blue

Coolmax CMF-1425-BL 140mm UV LED Cooling Case Fan - Blue


Ultra U12-40603 X-Wind 90mm CPU Cooler - 90mm Fan, Full Aluminum Heatsink

Cooler Master RR-B10-212P-GP Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler - 120mm

Well that's it, and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

OH YEA ONE MORE THING! I dunno how much this matters but I am gonna be using some of my friends
Cooler Master Thermal Paste (I think this is the stuff)
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  1. *summons batuchka*

    he's great at this. hopefully he'll come to the rescue :)
  2. Need any help in the summoning process, like is there a chant or anything that needs to be done? XD
  3. b-b-b-batuchka
    I summon thee to help this poor and innocent person, that in helping him, your skills may be known to all mankind!

    yeh, anyway, batuchka has been summoned :D
  4. Do you need OS?
  5. Well I looked at Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit they had it on Tiger for $100, but I am gonna be kinda tight on cash for this so I figured I might hold off on that. However since I am here I might as well tell you the plan and ask opinions.. I was planning on using the express gate on my mobo and just installing Linux. If this is a bad idea however please let me know and also let me know if you have any OS recommendations.
  6. Actually i am thiking that 32" LCD TV is 1366 x 768 and if so that GTS 250 will be a good choice but for fresh builds: DDR3 as the sun has gone down on DDR2 platforms and @ $374AR
  7. Wow.... I PM'd batuchka cos it looked like he wasn't coming and thought that was how he was summoned.. but HE HASN'T EVEN READ THE PM :o

    All hail batuchka, king of Systems. :bounce:
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