HD4870x2 BSoD after driver install

I have recently built a computer and I booted it up and installed Win7 Ultimate x64, but when I installed the driver for my video card and restarted it would show a BSoD when the desktop should display.
I don't know what to do, I have a crappy video card ATI x1550 that works fine when I switch it out.

Any ideas?

A-Power ACE1000 ATX power supply
i7 930 processor
ASRock Extreme mother board
6GB OCZ triple channel PC3 12800 CL7 @ 1.65v (It appears that one of the DIMMs is DOA so I am using a single channel DIMM)
HITACHI 400GB 7200rpm HDD
ATI Radeon HD4870x2 video card
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    When you installed your new card,did you completely remove the older VGA drivers before installing the new ones ?
    Also what's the version of your current driver ?
  2. Hmm I dont think I installed the original drivers, I will try that and see if it makes a difference.
    I have tried 10.4, 10.2 and many others lol
  3. Try 10.4 and 10.4a
  4. Well I got 10.4 to work (somehow).
    It doesn't really work but it doesnt BSoD at boot up, which is a start.
    There is still a major problem. My screen has a bunch of little squares and some thick lines running through the screen. Is this a hardware problem or a driver problem?

    Thanks for the help.
  5. hmm,does those little squares happen only in startup ? is your performance fine in 3D games ?
  6. It has different screens during startup. It generally has line running one way or another during startup, different assortments of lines.
    And no, it does not work for games. It goes to Blue screen. :/
  7. By the way, I installed vista 32 bit.
  8. Heres some pics, maybe you will get a better idea of what is going on.

    In between when its loading vista and when desktop appears, this screen is also there just a little loading bar behind it when vista is starting.

    My desktop with driver enabled...

    Desktop with it disabled... (it looks better!)

    Also note that it wont let me start up 3D applications when the driver is disabled.
  9. Well i have seen similar 2D problems with my 5970(common in all HD 5xxx series) in windows startup but it works fine after some seconds and i never experience such problems in 3D performance.
    You mentioned that when you click on a game,you get BSOD,what error it reports exactly?
    Since sometimes BSOD errors quickly disappear and the PC reboots,then for keeping the BSOD error on the screen,go here Control Panel\System and Security\System and go to "Advanced system settings",choose "System" tab,and then in the "Startup and recovery" section,click on settings and uncheck "Automatically restart" and now you can read the BSOD error
  10. Well I did that, but I still cant see what the screen says because it is super messed up. Much worse than in the pictures.
  11. Thank God for this forum. I also have a 4870x2 and when i run a game, any game really, i get artifacts displayed across the screen. Green squares blotched across the screen to be more precise. I've noticed that the 4870x2 no longer seems to be sold by ATI, also i also know that i didnt have this problem with the older driver 9.6. Ever since i bought "Splinter Cell: conviction" and had to upgrade my display driver to the newest and supposed greatest 10.4. So when i attempt to exit the game to restart it, upon closing the game my computer goes straight to a BSOD and does a "Physical Memory Dump" then asks me to contact support.

    After doing some research it would seem that artifacts that lead to BSOD can be a sign of a dying GPU but if others are having the same problem with the same card perhaps its a driver or unsupported hardware issue since the card is no longer sold by ati.

    A seperate question comes to mind. I registered my card with ati the day i bought it so i have a lifetime warrenty with them right? i think i've had the card for about 2 - 3yrs. Thanks guys!
  12. I am going to sell my card, as it seems to be a hardware failure...
    I dont know, should I get another 4870x2 or should I just go for the 5850?
    The 4870x2 seems to be better (and cheaper) but I think it has some problems.
  13. I have tried in my dads xps 710 and it has pretty much the same problem, the screen looks a little bit different but I think there's a reason that they don't make them anymore...
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    Testing the VGA in another system always helps,if it has failed in that then you have a defective card.If its still under warranty,then RMA it,otherwise if you want to sell it then getting a 5850 will give you a performance hit,because 4870X2 performs equal to a HD 5870
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  16. Sorry to say...I lost my HIS 4870X2 at 2 weeks ago after 10.4 drivers install also. I wondering to buy a 5770 and use the 4870X2 in CrossfireX. Theres a guy at forum and he say that work for him. I need test before send to HIS in Hong Kong I need dispend 120US$ to send and 80 US$ to take back...PLUS the price to fix (not at waranty more) :(
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