Notebook sound card upgrade

I got a HP DV9700

Intel C2D T9300 @2.50GHz with 3gb of ram on Windows 7 that I use mostly for watching movies on. On the go it's either onboard speakers or headphones and I came across a Creative Soundblaster X-fi Extreme Audio Notebook Expresscard for $10 and was wondering if anybody knew or has owned one before and if it would be an upgrade compared to the onboard Realtek HD audio, ALC268.

I also use a TV tuner to watch tv on and bottom line is I want clearer, louder sound from the onboard speakers or headphones. From reviews, i read you need the adapter to get the 5.1 and 7.1 options, i probably won't ever get that since I already have a desktop and don't even own surround sound speakers, but will one day. All I have now is some old creative 4.1 setup minus two rear speakers.

thanks in advance.
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