Best SSD?

I have heard a few things about many SSD's but nothing all that great about any one SSD. So I want to see pro and cons for this list of SSD's:

OCZ 128GB Vertex 4
OCZ 128GB Max IOPS Vertex 3
128GB Samsung 830
120GB Kingston HyperX 3k
128GB Corsair M4

And add any others that you think can compete.
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  1. 128GB Samsung 830
    128GB Corsair M4
    120GB Kingston HyperX 3k
  2. 128gb ocz agility 3 or vertex 4
  3. Give me some pros and cons
  4. Samsung, Crucial, Corsair, and Kingston are among the best SSD variants. They consistently receive excellent reviews. They're highly reliable and fast.

    I wouldn't bother with the OCZ SSDs. They are generally unreliable and are far more prone to failing versus the other drives. The only OCZ drive I would even consider touching is the Vertex 4. They seem ok. But other than that, you'd be better off with one of those other brands you listed.
  5. Plextor are very good as well. Take into consideration the m3, m3pro, m5pro which will soon be available. They all have toggle nand which is the best and the marvell controller which, as far as I know, is the most reliable, a must for SSDs. Usually, the 256gb ones have better read/writes than 64/128/512gb, but not by a significant margin or at least one you can see except for in benchmarks. Samsung, Marvell, Corsair performance pro are good as well.
  6. the best way to choose SSD is to read some benchmarks,3190-4.html
    the most important tow SSD benchmarks are sensational read and write
    or just read SSD best buy,3255-3.html
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