My Corsair 650TX seems to be buzzing on Idle. I noticed it immediately after replacing the motherboard and graphics card. Why does it constantly buzz/coil whine only on idle? Is this enough to RMA it or is this normal, typical behavior?
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  1. Pyroflea said:

    Thats confusing... What does it mean? how do I fix it?

    It was not making the buzzing noise before when I had a asus rampage 2 extreme and ati 5870

    Now that I have a gigabyte mobo and a gtx 470 it buzz on idle, not on load though from what I can hear...
  2. It may be a loose connection. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the power connections including the power cord.
    When hot wires are loose...they will arc (and get very hot)...and this typically causes the buzzing sound.
    It could be the fan motor. Try stopping the fan temporarily with a pencil.
    Try removing the video card and listening for buzzes. Disconnect the speaker as well.
  3. i m having same problm with psu and no grounding in house, i tried to attach copper wire with pc to tap grounded, still buzzing. I have 3 prongs socket and no earth in it., any possible way? Its my 2nd new psu
  4. i have the same problem , i went to a pc shop and they said it was the metal expanding and shrinking constantly due to change in temperature
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