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I have been reading lots of different forums and review sites and have not been able to find a suitable answer to my issues. I'm hoping that I will here, so here goes.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a graphics card that plays bluray movies at 23.976 framerate?

I currently have a quad core HTPC with a NVIDIA 9600GT graphics card and I cannot get smooth playback on bluray movies.

My HTPC is connected to a LG50PS6000 plasma TV.

Is it worth upgrading my graphics card? If so, which one would suit my needs?

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  1. I'm not really up to date with bluray, but can I ask why you need to play at 23.976FPS? Is that BR default? I've never seen a graphics card marketed with "can play bluray at 23.976" etc ;) so I'm not really sure if that's common with new graphics cards or not. I've seen many of the new cards sold with lines such as "play your HD DVD or Bluray movies yadda yadda" so I would have thought most of todays cards can handly it just fine. Can any one confirm this?
  2. Playing video (CD/DVD/BluRay) is CPU job...
    What is your current CPU?
    Any graphic card will be enough to playing movies...
    have you try the other player?
  3. I've just read that MPC HD can integrate with WMC and might be able to play bluray movies without any judder.

    If that fails, the Ati 5450 looks like it can handle the job of playing back at 23.976fps for smooth bluray playback.
  4. A quad core with a 9600GT should be more then enough for playing blu ray disks. If you're having issues its more likely to be a software related thing. Try a different player, make sure your computer is free of virus, not having heat related issues, etc.
  5. ^+1
    Just like 4745454b said above... :)
  6. Is your graphic card connected to a standard PC monitor ? If so, do you have the same problem with your monitor ?

    I had some playback issue at home with blu-ray and different movies. Turned out i had to change some settings on my TV to fix it.
  7. Great!! I will try and take a look at all these suggestions and post back with some results.

    Thanks again!
  8. I've tried the suggestions and have come back with the following:

    The CPU is running around 53 degrees idle
    The GPU is running around 47 degrees idle

    The films do work on my seperate monitor.

    I changed the TV setting to Cinema mode as directed by support (it was also in the manual :ouch: )

    After playing around with various settings on the TV, on the Nvidia CP, codecs etc and pulling my hair out, I've found that leaving the Nvidia settings to 1080p 60Hz resolved all my issues!!

    I hope this is the last of it!!

    Thanks for all your help guys.
  9. The CPU is running around 53 degrees idle
    The GPU is running around 47 degrees idle

    These are pretty high temps. My CPU doesn't get to 53C when under load and my GPU's idle around 35-40C.
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