Radeon 4670 low frame rates

Frame rates drop to 3-4 FPS even in COD UO anytime someone else is near me online. Far away is fine, capped at 99FPS. Sad part is that it was fine with my old BFG 6800GT. Am I missing some settings? Slows down even at the minimum settings in game and it shouldnt. It ran smoother with a 1.7GHZ CPU and the 6800.

OS - WinXP Pro
CPU - 3.4E
MB - ICS 848P-A
RAM - 2 gig PC3200
Vid - ATI Radeon HD4670 1 gig ram

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  1. What about the other games? does it slow as well?
    Have you try the latest driver for your card?
    What about your monitor and PSU? brand? model?
  2. Sounds like a older extreme edition but yes that is odd for a 4670 to behave like this. The fill rates are the same or better on the 4670 compared to the 6800 due to clocks. I would clean out the Nvidia and ATI drivers then try again.
  3. 3.4E is the prescott version of the pent 4
  4. Gary H said:
    3.4E is the prescott version of the pent 4

    Well even with that cpu you should be seeing better performance but is in part a bottle neck. What is your board and ram by chance?
  5. See above for MB, cant remember the ram brand. BTW, it's an AGP card. Still, I should have no problems running a 6 year old game. The 6800 ran so much smoother with high frame rates, the only reason I replaced it was because GPU temps were getting to high and I was getting all kinds of artifacts. What I cant figure out is why it lags so bad even at the lowest settings... and I can run some of the huge maps with no problem. Until another player is close, then the frames drop bad.

    Would not enough voltage cause this? I have a 450w power supply.
  6. Well for a 478 P4 board it is rather low end but there is still a few AGP capable 775 boards around on the second hand market and occasionally newegg. Your board and cpu is bottle necking this card plane and simple.
  7. So, I'd be better off RMA'ing the 6800. Lifetime warranty from BFG.
  8. Pretty much but you wont get another 6800 as a replacement but something else what that may be I don't know.
  9. Yeah, I figured that... blah. BTW, so far it only lags in COD. Games like oblivion seem to run fine... go figure.
  10. Gary H said:
    Yeah, I figured that... blah. BTW, so far it only lags in COD. Games like oblivion seem to run fine... go figure.

    Why didn't you say that sooner. Drivers then, some times one may have to wait for proper drivers for some games to work right.
  11. Oh yeah, 420w ps. I guess I should have bought a crappy video card LOL. I guess I figured that since I exceeded the system requirements by so much that it would have run better.

    Are there any tweaks to make it not so bad? Lowering the quality didnt change anything
  12. Yeah, but I'm not playing newer games LOL. COD 3 and 4 run pretty good. Thats why I was womdering about tweaks for COD
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