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I was searching about VIA CPU in the forum and I find that most of the discussions are for late years. I want to know if anyone can start a challenge on VIA CPU especially for Thin clients. VIA CPUs improve much these years. Is it well to use VIA CPUs for Thin clients or Intel is better? Thank you.
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  1. The VIA CPUs never really made a huge impact in the US market. Over the years, I have used several VIA based systems as low-end servers and PC based firewalls using IPCOP (a Linux firewall distribution).

    In recent years, VIA introduced the C7 series of processors (prior to the Atom) that was supposed to provide lower power requirement systems to consumers. These C7 systems, while using less power, proved to be rather anemic for most users in terms of overall performance (they quite slow compared to other offerings).

    Now, comparing VIA's most current offerings to Intel's Atom offerings is an interesting question. I am not sure they are even comparable. The Atom is far more widely available and much more supported than the VIA offerings.

    The Atom uses as little power, yet provides better overall performance and the cost to purchase differences are negligible.

    While I like the way you think (I am an admitted AMD fan), I think this "win" is truly Atomic (Intel's win).
  2. Thank you for your response. I have some objects for selecting CPU for my thin clients like CPU speed about 1.2GHz or higher! Besides I want to have low power consumption. But as I see VIA CPUs specifications, the power of these CPUs is the low power consumption for low speeds. The power consumption for C7 series in 1.2GHz range is like Intel Atom. So as I work with intel previously and it works well, I think I'll choose Intel CPU. After all I want to buy 1000 thin clients ! So it's important for me to choose the best specification and I should choose the best and most powerfull so it can work for some years for my company. I'll be so thankfull if I can hear more opinions from you and others.
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