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So my Dad's SSD recently broke (It was some sort of OCZ) and he lost a great deal of his work that was stored on it, he has tried lots of retrieval sites and has so far had no results (but that is for a different thread).

This leads me to my question, he asked me what sort of SSD he should buy. I recommended an M4 of any type, but they are not on sale for that much so me, being the noob I am, decided to ask the community a question:

What sort of SSD should my Dad buy?

Important Info:
-He works as an IT Architect and he makes lots of powerpoint presentations too (hope that helps a bit)
-He travels a lot, so he needs something that is durable and will not break if the laptop falls a few times.
-He can buy from the US or Canada, but nowhere else.
-It would help considerably if it had fast free shipping but that is not very important.


-One big need is that the SSD be 256 gb but he will settle for 180 if that proves a better deal.
-He requires that it be quite fast (15 second reboot hopefully)
-Reliable, something that will not just break after a year or even two.
-A good price. As I said, he recently lost one SSD and some priceless information, so his budget for this is not super high.

~It would be nice to get replies ASAP as he leaves for work tomorrow and he won't be back for a week.
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  1. This might help you match performance to budget. Personally I found Samsung to be very reliable, but others will no doubt have more opinions!
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  2. Crucial M4 and Samsung 830 are usually the common 2 picks. Intel is usually the overpriced one but reliable. Kingstons and a few other less known brands are good as well.
  3. Again, I need a link and an exact SSD, not just a brand please!
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