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My Dad's SSD stopped working after he tried to transfer it to his new computer, now he cannot retrieve the data. He has tried numerous retrieval sites and programs but has had no luck. He can't remember which kind of SSD he had but it is definitely an OCZ and it was most likely the 256GB OCZ Vertex 4.

Any suggestions for a good retrieval site?

BTW, it is for his laptop.
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  1. Can he try the old PC?
  2. you can not move your hard drive with the OS to a different computer and expect it to boot up.

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  3. He uninstalled the OS before he moved it, and no he cannot use the old PC it got replaced by his bosses.
  4. Ok, any programs he should install to do that?
  5. U cannot uninstall the OS. U can erase it only.

    He should plug the HDD in another PC and run recovery from there.
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  7. hrath said:
    Ok, any programs he should install to do that?

    Yes, he will plug his drive into another system, than install the recovery program in that system (nothing into his HDD) and than run the program to scan for the files on that HDD of his.
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  9. Thanks, we will try this today. *Fingers crossed that it works*
  10. Well, best of luck to him : )
  11. Well that didn't work. If I attach it to my Laptop as an external Harddrive, I can see 2 of its 3 drives and I can see the files inside of them, however whenever I try to open or use a file it says "Error Data not accessible". It also takes about 15 minutes for my laptop to recognize the drive, and no data-recovery program can "See" it.
  12. Use another desktop.
  13. BTW, what drive is it?
  14. BTW, if he installed the system over his old files,

    they may have been overwritten and therefore lost.
  15. U can try this app too, its a commercial app, so u can try it and see if anything will be recoverable.

    Kernel Data Recovery

    Kernel Data Recovery offers a basic Windows Data Recovery tool (Figure E) that can recover missing, deleted, lost, and inaccessible data from FAT and NTFS volumes.

    It sells for $69.00. While there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this tool, the thing that caught my attention was the variety of recovery products the company offers.
  16. Well that didn't work, I think it's toasted. I'll tell my dad to RMA it, NEVER BUYING OCZ AGAIN.
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