I7 930 cpu fan loud windows 7 idle (41deg c)


For some reason about 20seconds after windows 7 boots my stock cpu fan on my i7 930 goes AWOL, sounds like an aeroplane , yet my cpu idle temp is about 41 C. My cpu temp in the bios sits on about 39 C and you cannot hear the fan. It is literally once windows has finished booting and it never quietens down.

What could be the cause of this?

Chassis: HAF932
CPU : i7 930 running at stock 2.8ghz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
PSU : Gigabyte 720W ODIN
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  1. tried everything, cleaned up heatsink and cpu put new thermal grease. Now reinstalling win7 x64. will see if that makes a difference
  2. yeah i do. The thing is the idle temp is quite low... doesnt justify it going full blast. Been having so many issues from the word go with this damn board and cpu. Starting to wonder if something is faulty. Also had random reboots on day one. turned off intel turbo mode in the bios and that seems to have fixed that issue.

    My DDR 1333 memory is being detected in the bios as 1066. Whats up with that?

    not winning ... :/
  3. Something I'm finding strange is that your CPU temp is 41C while the fan is going full blast. If I remember correctly, 41C was my idle temp, but this was when the fan was going slow (30-40%), so I'm thinking your problem could be a combination of your case being too hot and the fan speed settings are set too low.

    Whatever the problem ends up being, I would recommend you get a new CPU cooler, the stock cooler is very loud and mediocre at cooling.

    About the ram:
    To the best of my knowledge, if you populate all 6 memory slots on a triple channel board, it will run your memory at a lower setting. 1333 ram will run at 1066, 1600 will run at 1333.

    I'm not sure why it does it, but it shouldn't matter in the long-term as any DDR3 triple channel memory speed is already blazing fast.
  4. Thanks for the reply Tom. Your first sentence is/was my exact problem. I have the Coolermaster HAF932 case, which is massive. It has a huge fan at the top, side and front and a smaller 120mm fan at the back. My case is def not too hot. I agree with you re getting a new CPU cooler. What do you guys recommend??

    Just out of interest though, I have since reformatted the pc and re-installed windows 7 Ultimate x64. I then installed all drivers one by one only for devices that windows 7 didn't install drivers for. I haven't installed any of the gigabyte software and have only only installed Starcraft II and done windows updates. Ive created a text file for each step and Ive created restore points as i went along. So far so good, the new thermal grease has baked a bit and my idle temp is now 38 deg C, my CPU fan is nice n quiet (i.e not running at full blast), well quieter than the big ass fans that are in the HAF932.

    So... so far so good, I am a bit nervous now as to what i install as it really does seem like a driver or piece of software interfered with the automatic fan control

    P.S Running Bios version: FA, on my gigabyte board.

    With regards to the memory, i Googled it and got lead to an Intel site, which said that the standard/approved ram speed is 1066 even if the ram is rated higher, and one would need to OC the ram to get it to 1333 (but you will only benefit if you have a CPU that can work with 1333 ram). I think it might just be the brand of ram, as i have friends whose ram detects at the rated speed. I get random reboots when i fiddle with OC settings in the bios, so i think the ram i have possibly isn't the greatest and is quite sensitive. Running Trichannel Transcend Jetram DDR3-1333 (came in a 3pack)
  5. I've got 3x2Gb GSkill 1600Mhz, the same cpu and an Asus P6X58D-E motherboard, and I *believe* that it runs the ram at the right speed, although I'm not using it atm so I can't check.

    As for the cooler, since you're running an i7, consider water cooling. I didn't get it because availability is poor where I am. Aside from that, I'd recommend a Noctua cooler (which comes with fans - and tends to be quiet while performing well), or a Prolimatech Megaleems, which is arguably the best air cooler for i7, but it doesn't come with fans, and I had trouble finding one near me.
  6. gosh, im in south africa.. doubt im gonna find much of anything.. a mate of mine has the coolermaster v8 on his i7 930 which he reckons is pretty good
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