Squeezing in monitors?!

Hey guys.

Just a quick question;

I have two fat adapters [HDMI->DVI, DVI->VGA] both going into one GPU, with the ports close together. (two monitors)
They don't properly fit, so I have to stuff them both in hard. So one's in like [ \ ] and the other [ / ].

Will this damage my MSI HAWK 5770 in any way? Have I already damaged it? :S
Don't know why I didn't get the cable the store manager offered.
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  1. Why not just get the proper cables?

    I think its fairly unlucky that you've damaged the card, but I guess it all depends on how much force you used to push them in.
  2. Bleh, I'm just wondering whether cables will make any difference if i've already shoved in the adapters.
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