CPU i7 980X displayed at 2.653 Mhz

Hi guys.

I was just wondering why my CPU is displayed at 2.653MHz when it should be at 3.33 Ghz.

Not only CPUz displays it at 2.65, but Belarc Advisor and the bios.

Any advice?
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  1. It could be SpeedStep or C1E which reduces the clock speed if not required. Otherwise it's not too difficult to change the multiplier back up to 25.
  2. Any advice what I could do?
  3. rallyboy said:
    Any advice what I could do?

    You probably don't need to do anything. Speedstep downclocks your CPU to a lower speed if it's doing nothing. Lower speed means lower power consumption.

    You have a problem if the clocks never go up if you're doing something cpu heavy.
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