How many watts does a fan use?

Hello, i was looking around on newegg and i already bought a 500 watt PSU and about 450 watts are going to be used by my computer before i add any fans and i was wondering how many watts this fan uses
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  1. If image is correct after zooming in you can see it says 12V and 0.3 amps so should be around 12*0.3 = 3.6W at maximum speed.
  2. It is more important to look at the number of A on each of the rails. Most PSU give the maximum W if all rails were fully loaded, so you could for example use just 400W and overload a rail, hopefully resulting in it turning off for a good quality PSU.

    Also cheaper PSU brands can not sustain the value they give (or even realistically reach it ever in some cases), so average usage must be much lower (at a figure they often don't provide, instead just giving you the "peak" value at 20 degrees C or something).
  3. the PSU im getting is a good quality and its 500 watts.
  4. I have 8g of ram (4 sticks 2g each), core 2 quad 2.5 ghz processor, 1 sata hd, 1 80mm led fan, and soon im adding this
    At the moment i have a 300 watt with a onboard video card, and if i want to install the new video card im getting it said i need a minimum of 450 watts so i got 500 watts
  5. Quote:
    I would not recommend a 500w power supply if your computer is using 450w.

    It's better to use a power supply calculator than to try to measure the wattage of each component.

    Its not using 450 right now, its using 300 right now but the video card im gonna get is said it needs a 450 watt PSU so i got a 500 watt PSU.
  6. thecompgame said:
    the PSU im getting is a good quality and its 500 watts.

    Cooler Master generally sells average or slightly below average quality PSUs.
  7. Its usually a good idea to have your PSU using about 3/4's of its capacity.
    So, if you plan on having a 450 watt usage, a 600 watt would be recommended
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