GTX275 Temperature > 100c

Hi all,

I have a GTX275 which is running worringly hot - upwards of 100c, reaching 104c yesterday under heavy load. The cut-off point is 105 according to Nvidia, so ideally I'd like to cool this down somewhat!

This is achieved under heavy load - Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City - and usually idles around 60ish. Other games don't seem to cause quite such a worrying spike in temperature, but still reach 95ish.

This is completely stock, no changes/tweaks to anything.

I've been investigating some possibilties for reducing the temperatures but I'm not convinced any of the following will be sufficient - any chance of some advice?

1. Rivatuner - with temps that high, I'm assuming the GPU fan is already running at 100%? I'm going to try this anyway
2. Moving the case - at the moment, it is housed in a compartment and enclosed on both sides. But would moving it into the open affect temperatures much?
3. Additional case fan(s) - would this have any impact at all on the GPU core temp?

Any suggestions/advice on the above welcome, as well as any additional ideas.

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  1. Is the card new? if not, dust always cause temp problems, try and clean it up.
    I hardly doubt that the fan is at 100% and still be at 100c... check the fan speed with riva or something.
    Try moving the intake fan of the case close to a window if the outside temp is lower than your room.
  2. Cleaning the card of dust will help, and also all of the three things you listed will help.

    Also tidy the cables inside the PC, improving cable management can improve temps quite a bit.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

    The card is about 4 months old. I'll give your suggestions a try, thanks a lot
  4. Np, most likely your fan is not at 100% and you can increase with rivatuner, or nvidia tools, I'll wait for your update.
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