FZ120 cooler ,but no effect at all :(

I have Q6600 core 2 Quad on Asus P5n-t , with stock cooler my cpu temps were arround 55-60 celsius degrees when I browse internet ,so I change it cpu thermal paste with no results. Then I buy it FZ120 cooler (8 heat piped ) to be shocked to see no results ! The thing is that I got different results with different software :

idle :

windows 7 gadge : 57,57,54,54
CPUID : 57,57,54,54
CoreTemp : 42,42,37,37
Real Temp : 47,47,44,44
SpeedFan : 47,47,44,44
Everest :47,47,44,44

OS : Windows 7 64bits
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  1. crossing said:
    The thing is that I got different results with different software
    What did your motherboard BIOS report?

    What was your ambient temps in the room when you tested?
    ZEROtherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler on Q6600 CPU review.
  2. ambient temp is 27 celsius degrees.
    If my windows gadget say 58 degrees and imediatly restart in bios ,bios say cpu 48 degrees.
  3. Also motherboard bios temp reports 46 celsius. Its not to high ? I disable all overclocking on all test above to see what is the problem..

    Whatever I do my mcu temp its to high .if lowere values are correct my idle temp on 2.4Ghz its 50 celsius wich is huge ... It maybe the mcu problem or mobo because this looks like a hardware issue. That fz120 cooler cant handle it altho people report 35-40 ceslsius degree Idle with my cooler. I have 3 additional 120mm coolers(PWM) in my case ,so its well ventilated...
  4. That ZEROtherm Zen should be doing a much better job cooling your CPU.
    Everything is pointing to it not being installed correctly.
    When the system is off and has cooled down can you wiggle the heatsink assembly on it's mounting?
  5. You mean if I can move (wiggle) the cooler ? No because I tight the screws to maximum .
  6. I just remove it again.. the cooler from cpu and contact zone from coolet was 40% with no thermal paste at all on it altho the cpu have 100% covered with a thin layer of paste. I try it to manualy press the cpu to cooler contact zone but hardley toke the paste to cover a little more (arctic silver 5) . So I added 2 more rice size of thermal paste and put all back , I tighted the screws to maximum and its well fixed . = same results 50 celsius...

    I just made this sytem and this thing its giving me a big headache... :fou:
  7. crossing said:
    So I added 2 more rice size of thermal paste and put all back
    Sounds like too much thermal compound?
    Did you follow the Arctic Silver 5 installation recommendations?
  8. Try backing off the 'maximum' screw tightening too. About a half turn at a time.
    Test to see if you're getting any improvement after each adjustment.
  9. I try it everyting , i read it tutorial and I did it again ,also wach it many videos ,not so hard to apply thermal paste. Just read it some forum topics with same problem on Q6600 first models , looks like this is how they are made or my sensor its not working properly. Actualy my system never failed/freezed or anything so I must hold it this way or sell it.
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