Is a reinstall in the pipeline?

Hi everyone!

If I change my CPU, Motherboard and RAM will I need to reinstall Windows (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BIT)?
I urgently need the answer so that I can arrange a backup if a reinstall is needed. Please explain if there is a way to change these components without having to reinstall windows.

Please do not answer if you are guessing, only if you are 100% sure on what you are doing.

Thanks guys!
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  1. If you downloaded DriverSweeper or something similar, removed all the drivers, then swapped it, it *should* work. Mind you, you'll probably need a new verification code for W7. If you call Microsoft and explain what you did, they'll generally help you out.

    If you're really worried about your data, just back it all up anyhow.
  2. Thanks a lot! Will try that out!
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