Computer is hanging after upgrading to 2gb ram 800mhz works fine with old 1gb ra

my computer is freezing
it happens after xp gets loaded and wil work for 10mins after that it freezes
this is happening because i installed a new 2gb DDR2 800mhz ram
but if i remove the new one and put old 1gbDDR2 800mhz ram alone it works fine if i only insert 2gb ram alone or even 2+1gb ram the same freezing problem
is any one having solution for this i changed motherboard hardiskbut still the same problem
changed processor then it was working fine 2+1gb works well and also only 2gb works well
i got to know that its a problem with processor it wont work only if i insert ram 2gb ram or 2+1gb ram
my specs is
m/b asus m2n-mxse plus
processor AMD Athlon 5200+x2 2.7ghz
250gb hardidsk 7200 rpm
2gb DDR2 800mhz ram
moser bear dvd drive
450w smps
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  1. Well it seems the faulty part is your 2GB RAM DIMM ?? Have you tried changing that ??
  2. Have you compared the memory timings between the two RAM modules? This may be the problem to why it freezes up because a matched pair of RAM have the same RAM timings and speeds.

    But if your computer freezes up with the 2gb installed, it should definitely be a RAM problem.
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