First Build (Advice welcomed)

As it says in the title, I may be building a PC in the near future and wanted your advice on components etc... Stuff you guys probably do everyday.

My build (I plan on buying everything from CCL, as they have a finance option, which my parents prefer as they don't have a lot of money lying around at any one time)

CPU, MoBo and RAM (Bundle):

Case (It's shiney :D) :

GPU (surprise, surprise, it's a 5770!):

Hard - Drive:




That plus speakers and a tube of thermal paste comes to £807.62

Any advice on how I could shave a few pounds off or upgrade for a minimal fee would be appreciated. And if it wouldn't work at all, feel free to call me an idiot :D

EDIT: I don't plan on overclocking and I'll use this primarily for gaming.
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  1. Crap, should have looked for a template before I posted, sorry guys! Anyways, any advice?
  2. You shouldn't really plan to use a 'green' drive as your main OS/boot drive as it is much slower than performance drives - which will make the system seem slow and the energy saving isn't significant.

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB £52
    This is one of the fastest 1TB drives around, I'd recommend changing to that.

    Nothing else really needs changing. The Antec Earthwatts 650 £62 is a bit cheaper, still 'overkill' for one 5770, but I suppose it's nice to have a PSU that can support a lot of single graphics cards. So you have some options for upgrading the video card in the future.
    This one is also a bit too good to pass up and is actually a 650W PSU: Silverpower SP-SS650 £66

    I'd prefer these cases over the one you linked:
    Xigmatek Utgard
    Thermaltake Armor A90
    Antec Nine Hundred (Antec 900)
    Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K62
    Coolermaster HAF 922
    Antec Nine Hundred Two (Antec 900 Two)
    Partly as they are bottom-mounted PSU cases, so they don't have to draw hot air in from the rest of the case. The HAF 922 and Antec 900/902 are amongst the best cases for cooling the components. And partly coz my choice/taste in case might be a bit different to yours.
  3. Thanks for the answer, was beginning to think all hope was lost :D The 1TB hard-drive looks great and I'll check the cases, but I really like the one I picked, it's shiny and has flappy paddles (I'm easily amused). As for the PSU thing, according to this review ( it counters it with an exhaust fan, but I don't really know much about that.
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