ATI Video Card 4350 - Can't display on dual monitors


I have a new ATI 4350 video card and am attempting to setup a dual monitor layout. I also have installed the latest ATI CCC driver and software. (v10.4)

The problem I am having is that only one of the monitors shows up, both under the ATI CCC software interface and the XP display control panel. I only get 1 "itentity". The 2nd monitor shows exactly what the 1st monitor shows. I don't want this behavior! I want 2 monitors showing there own separate content.

How do I get the 2 itentities to show up so I can get this to work? I have tried everything I can think of except uninstalling the ati ccc control software completely and attempting to use just the xp display control panel for setup.

Other ideas?

Thank you.

- S
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  1. Don't you see any secondary display in CCC. You can change separate display from there.
    If there is no secondary display than you can use ati hydravision for dual monitor setup. It can be helpful.
    Download it form ati site. The link below can be helpful.
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