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I'm wanting to build my first home office/family PC. I've taken PCs apart, replaced components, installed software etc. Currently I'm using an 8 year old Dell P4, 512 RAM, XP, dying HD, & dead DVD burner...pretty sad huh? I need a machine for web browsing, email, word processing, & ripping music & pictures. No gaming whatsoever. We occasionally use ITunes and do some mild photo editing. No video. Our budget is $500 max but would prefer < 300. I basically want an AMD, Windows 7 system with quality components that is fairly energy efficient. Newegg will be the parts resource.

1) will an AMD Sempron 140 be sufficient or do I need an Athlon II x2 240?

2) 2 GB DDR3 enough or should I go with 4 GB?
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  1. 2GB enough for the 32-bit version I'd say. Please go with at least a dual core. I just priced out a system for a friend for over 500 and it's a gaming one, so doing that wouldn't be hard.
  2. Exactly. AMD chips are rather affordable, so it wouldn't hurt to look at 3 or 4 core chip. Do that and I think anything you throw at it (for your use) will be handled rather easily.
  3. $238AR?

    Nest is sturdy enuff to slot in a HD 5850 in case bitten by gaming bug in future hehe
  4. It kind of weirds me out that there even are 760G chipset mobos with DDR3.
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