Which is better speaker with subwoofer for desktop pc

which is better for my desktop pc? Creative 2.1 SBS a300 or Logitech X-210
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  1. If you like bass the Logitech has a little bit more bass. I would get the Logitech myself.
  2. I can't say anything about the Creative SBS A300.
    But I sure like my Logitech X-210.
    Logitech X210 review
  3. SBS A300 was awesome speakers using since 4 years .. Compared with all my friends products ..

    it can play good sound Quality and I alway suggest this if your budget is low !

    Trust me you love you since it have bass controller you can keep it low for songs like mp3 and you can keep little high bass for movies

    This is the best Choice for low budget !
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