Full system restore windows 7

i downlaoded a program.from isohuntto run torrent files, after i was promted to run the program and accepted, my whole system got damaged, deleting all restore functions. i need serious help
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  1. Yes you install a trojen most likely but please elaborate a little on "dammaged" First try boot into safe mode see if the restore points really are missing. If they are then in safe mode install malwarebytes or spybot or superantispyware and run a scan. I would pick Malwarebytes as the others will remove the issue but malwarebytes seems to repair allot too. If you cannot get into safemode or install any cleaning software I recommend hook up external drive copy off what you need and reload. Make sure when you go into safe mode you use safemode with networking so the software can get updates.

  2. That's the cost of using pirated software!
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Windows 7 Torrent System Restore