Anyone else seeing sata 3gb failure on 2nd rev cougar point chipsets?

3 p8p67 pro asus motherboards exhibit controller failures on the 3gb channels, tried replacing hard drives,ram, sata cables and power supply only loose the hard drives and dvd burners on the 3gb channels works fine on 6gb channel.
I have had all customers that bought new systems with new chipset all have this problem.
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  1. And they said this would take years to happen! Probably a white lie since they hurried up on recalling the boards.
    (wonder if they had bothered if it actually would have taken years)
  2. techguy911 said:
    I have had all customers that bought new systems with new chipset all have this problem.

    I assume that they're NOT the NEW {few weeks out} B3 revision? Right??!!

    Info -> I assume you knew about the recall?
  3. Yes they are the b3 rev i double checked i had to move the sata devices to the 6gb ports.
  4. You have gone to Asus?
  5. Sending boards back to supplier for RMA some are even missing chipset heatsinks i noticed as soon as i opened mb box.
    Im up to 5 with failures now if i move sata devices to 6gb ports works fine, all machines end up with BSOD in windows and drives no longer show up in bios.
  6. Wow that would really be bad if the Chipset is the root cause!

    There are other possibilities including HDD and if AHCI is used. The problem is clones are prone to having 'group' problems or successes.

    Q - Is AHCI used?
    Q - What HDD(s)?

    No doubt there should be no missing heatsinks. I assume when the rigs were built that someone 'looked' at the MOBO's to notice an obvious missing heatsink(s) before building the rigs??!!
  7. Ahci is not used also the hard drives are seagates 500 ,and 1tb
    The boards without the heat sink i noticed as soon as i pulled it out of that anti-static bag.
    Also the lg dvd burners were also not showing up in the bios as well so it was the 3gb controller.
    As soon as i moved both hdd and dvd burner to 6gb port no more problems.
  8. Sounds like your supplier is selling you B2 stepping boards.
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