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Hi all,


Windows 7 SP1
BIOS: HP F.02 10/11/2011 (i know there is a F0.3 version but I don't see any reason to update to it - something to do with WAN)
AMD E-450 with AMD 6320
256GB Samsung 830
Chipset: AMD A40/A50 Series FCH
Southbridge: AMD SB800
AMD Sata Controller: 05/08/2010

I bought a Samsung 830 256GB, I know there wasn't a AHCI mode in the BIOS but I went ahead a did a fresh install with the SSD.

The speeds are OK but... I want to try using Microsoft drivers instead of AMD's Sata Controller.

Here are my benchmarks (using AS SSD):

Are these benchmarks normal.

I tried to uninstall the AMD drivers but Windows re-installs them. I don't have the: 'Delete the Driver software for this device' option (as this would prevent windowss doing just that) so I have no clue what to do!

Any ideas what I should do?

Many thanks everyone!

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  1. Sorry for the stupid title, I keep meaning t go back and make it more informative but I just end up clicking post. :(

  2. I will say the benchmarks are normal because you have the laptop which has only SATAII.

    If you want try the msahci you have to go to Device Manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers>click the AMD AHCI> under the driver click the Roll Back Driver.

    I add the link here you can see msahci is little bit faster the AMD AHCI.
  3. If you dont have ahci moe in the bios then switching to the ahci driver will likely render windows unusable until you can change it back. And how you change the driver when windows won't even boot up I'll let you ponder.
  4. What if the 'rollback' option in device manager is not available to roll back this sheisty stupid AMD-AHCI driver?

    Please advise what to do then.
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