Ati 5970 diffrences?

what is the diffrence (other then price) between the hemlock 5970 and the black eddition..

or better yet is the only diffrence infact the price and teh look of the card?

i took all 5 and compared them on newegg and the blackeddition said 725 MHz (up to +30% with OverVolt Tool) 4GHz (up to +20% with OverVolt Tool) other then that its warrenty i c as a diffrence...

im looking to get one and there all in stock so i want the best one.. alos im thinking about sli ;)
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    they're all pretty much identical besides the warranty and the fancy sticker on them. The overvolt thing would definitely not be a selling point, as there is free 3rd party apps that can do that too.

    So personally i would go with the xfx since it has lifetime warranty if your in the US or if you want one of the games bundled with them then go with that, but otherwise, practically the same card
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