ASUS Striker Extreme nForce 680i Revision A1?

Sup ppl?
I've read some (dated) stuff about MoBos with the Nvidia nForce 680i Chipset not being very good with OC'ing C2Qs, and as a result, the 680i had the A1 Revision to correct that. I know manufacturers such as EVGA modified their boards afterwords to reflect the A1 Revision, but I cannot find anything about that for the Striker Extreme.

Does anyone know if there is a version of the Striker that has the A1 Revision of the nForce 680i Chipset? CPU-Z says "A2" as the Rev under the Mainboard tab but I cannot find anything relevant from googling it. How can I tell if the Striker board I have is the updated one, if there is such a thing?

Nuff Respect
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  1. Well...?
  2. Guess no one has a damn clue...
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