Mouse Hardware Cords Problems [+Photos]

Hi everyone, this is absolutely a hardware problem, my mouse is having some issues with its cords.
Every once in a while it stops working for a few seconds because the way the cords were moved they no longer have a contact with the board (see photos).

I hope you guys can help me and tell how I should proceed to fix the cords and keep them in contact with the board.

I can provide more photos and information if you guys need.

Cords' close-up.

Cords' back view

Whole thing's view

Thank you,
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  1. Find an electronics tech, or:
    Unsolder wires 1 at a time, strip back 1/8-1/4", tin wire and solder back into place.
    Repeat as necessary.
    Do not overheat the circuit board, If you ruin a copper trace a thin solid wire will
    have to be added.
    Helpful tools: Solder Sucker, Solder Wick, small needlenose pliers, hemostat clips,
    thin rosin core solder, soldering iron, swivel vise( to hold card)
    Good luck!
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