Where do I even Start?

i've been thinking about building my own computer, mainly for games n graphics. but i have no idea where to even start?
any advice?
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  1. fill out this form http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice so repost with the information that it tells you there to give.

    If you are totally clueless about what to fill in then just fill in the ones you can give a budget and we'll go from there.

    Good choice about building your own pc btw ;)
  2. Somebody_007 said:
    fill out this form http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice so repost with the information that it tells you there to give.

    If you are totally clueless about what to fill in then just fill in the ones you can give a budget and we'll go from there.

    Good choice about building your own pc btw ;)

    oo thanks man, well here we goo.

    apPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: dont have one yet
    BUDGET RANGE:800-900

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, not hardcore but definately needs the graphics. internet browsing, other apps like photoshop

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, monitor, speakers maybe, mouse. dont need expensive gaming keyboard/mouse, etc.


    PARTS PREFERENCES: heard intel was good from friends but no real preference

    OVERCLOCKING: no SLI OR CROSSFIRE: dont know what that is =/

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: doesnt matter to me, would like a nice hd one tho
  3. this is american dollars right?

    So I take it you want your pc to be generally fast not just in games?

    SLI or CROSSFIRE: is having two graphics cards working together ussually this is done as an upgrade if your single card is to weak and you obviously don't want it to go to waste. SOme people do it because 2 cheap cards is cheaper and faster than one fast one. Some people also do it because even the best single cards don't meet their demands. I generally don't reccomend it to begin with because if you start off with a single card you can still upgrade istead of replace. And SLI and CROSSFIRE is bassically the same thing exept SLI is from nvidia and crossfire from ati.

    Monitor resolution is ussually limited to the screen. Do you have an idea what yours is limited to? Maybe check the manual it ussually says it there.

    as for the build I'm tired and about to go to sleep but let me quickly put something together.

    cpu: i5 750: 160
    mobo: 150
    ram: 120
    psu+case(I have the antec 300 + 650 earthwatts in mind): 150
    gpu: 470gtx: 330
    500gb HDD: 40-50

    That's around 950 and over budget. Srry about that I'll make cutbacks in the morning :P.
  4. thanks for the advice, and ill talk to you tommorow than.
    i looked up all that stuff and that seems to to me.
    oo and yes american dollars.
    and 50$ over budget aint nothinn haha, im getting a job shortly and ill buy the computer peice by peice as my paycheck comes in.
    so ill ttyl and see where to go with this.
    thanks again
  5. If you can save the money, you are almost always better off buying all the parts at one time. The only exception to that is if you find a part on sale.
  6. The thing is that your in a tough situation here. the 470gtx is the only good buy dx11 card from nvidia. The 465 really isn't a good buy. Nvidia is better for photoshop that's why I don't recccomend ati here. And if you want sli you either need an intel cpu where the minimum is the i5 750(which costs 200 not 160 srry about that) IMO or an amd cpu with an nvidia chipset but those are pretty bad so I'd go with the first option.

    Could you live with shelling out 1k?
  7. haha yeaa 1k is fine i guess.
    my friends who both own it both recommended the i5 750, because its fast and cheap, and my friend has been able to overclock his to run at 2.8 with the stock fan so thats where i think im going with that.
  8. Only issue is, I believe that the budget needs to include the monitor and the Operating System? If so you will be needing $200 for the monitor (a nice 22-24 inch monitor with HD resolution) and $100 for the Operating System (OEM Windows 7 Home Premium)

    So, that leaves $700 for actual computer parts.

    I would leave SLI/Crossfire out of the equation - having this costs extra for the motherboard, and me personally, I believe in 1 powerful card is greater than two lesser ones so get a good card and a cheaper mobo. Add to this you are not 'hardcore gaming' so you don't need enthusiast type rig, one powerful card will do you fine for a long time.
    Also, I would give 6gb/s and USB 3.0 technology a miss, it is nice to have, but I don't think you need to worry too much about it this time round, when it is main stream in the future your next build can grab it. The reason I recommend this is because the money saved here will help afford the Intel processor.

    I would also guess that photoshop is a hobby rather than anything financially related - the faster you can do the better, but time does not = money. In this case, I would give Nvidia a miss, as Somebody said, you are very limited in card choice for Nvidia and they are expensive and power hungry (so you need to spend more on a PSU with more power)

    As you are not worrying about SLI/Crossfire, you can go with an AMD build as the mobo can use either Nvidia or ATI. This may be useful if we cannot get i5 750 in your budget. (the AMD Phenom II x4 955 is a good processor, it may be inferior to i5 750 in terms of performance, but for price to performance ratio it is excellent).

    I am at work so have to shoot off in a minute so cannot put a proper list together, I am sure most the items Somebody mentioned are the way to go, but I haven't looked at his links so:

    i5 750

    Gigabyte P55 US3L motherboard (or, possibly the MSI P55 CD53 if you are not planning to Overclock yourself - the MSI board has a button which will boost your CPU to about 3.4ghz in a second and be fully stable, it is however more limited if you were wanting to extreme OC to close to 4ghz as the board has less options than a Gigabyte or Asus board for this)

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD

    Radeon 5850 1gb Graphics Card

    Any cheap optical drive

    500W PSU, ideally Corsair or Seasonic as they are great quality

    G Skill 1600mhz 4gb RAM CL7 (either Ripjaw or ECO, ECO is the same but runs at lower voltage which is good)

    Case HAF 922 if it fits in budget, otherwise a cheaper one will be fine, someone can recommend I am sure.

    With good combos this should hopefully fit in the remaining $700. If it does not it is worth considering AMD
  9. He is right if your budget needs to include a monitor and OS if not I think my build is still very fitting.

    SO well the question is do you need a monitor and OS?
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